Pivot Global Partners' Genesis

Cynthia Hardy Young, CEO & Founder:

“I started Pivot Global because I saw the need for end-to-end consulting that made a real difference in results, not just ideas that couldn’t be implemented.  I saw that organizations need help with both the “what” and the “how.”

That led me to develop an innovative consultancy that helps clients nimbly pivot to deliver results and compete.  Our Design Agility Performance Solutions approach combines two well-established business disciplines – Design Thinking and Agile Development.  Blending the best of each, we uniquely apply our methods to general management and operational improvement.  We work with you to succeed and sustain success through rounds of exploration, diagnosis, execution, and change.        

I also was convinced that Pivot Global had to be defined by the quality and engagement of its consultants.  That led to hand picking a group of seasoned, “street smart” consultants with whom I’m proud to work who define our culture of excellence and innovation.”


“To lift clients’ growth and profits while raising employee engagement and customer loyalty.”

Our mission is to “lift and raise” companies.  We do this by repositioning mid size and larger companies, particularly financial, professional services, health care and technology firms. 

For the leader who needs to solve creatively for customers needs and deliver performance with operational agility, we collaborate to improve operations from the inside/out guided by outside/in customer and market insights.  We deliver these outcomes using our Design Agility Performance Solutions approach and our three-step Ignite, Transform, Succeed process.

We work beside clients to implement and execute successfully.  We don’t just ideate.  We can do both because of our deep experience as operators.  Our consultants have held P&L and key leadership roles in multi-billion dollar international and domestic companies, as well as regional and start up companies, non profits and government. 

We know, first-hand, the array of challenges clients face.  We all have engaged consultants across our careers.  That allows us to rapidly assess culture, strengths and challenges and collaborate on solutions that don’t require repeat consulting engagements. 

Our "lift and raise" philosophy extends to our consultants.  All have had successful, established careers.  Many are Boomers.  Our culture celebrates their talents and experience, while providing a dynamic, virtual workplace with ongoing training by experts.

Our “lift and raise” approach also reaches far into the communities in which we do business.  We have supported educational programs for inner city youth such as the Harlem Boys and Girls Club, the Institute for Student Achievement and Communities in Schools.  We also advance women’s history and economic empowerment initiatives through organizations like the National Women’s History Museum in Washington, D.C

Find out how we work to empower tomorrow's leaders through the Pivot Global Exchange Foundation.