By Lee Janc, Pivot Consultant

Pivot differentiates itself from other boutique consulting agencies in two ways. The first are people at the firm itself. Pivot Consultants are made up of Executive Leaders that are high performing influencers in their fields. While traditional consulting companies typically have consultants that possess a high intellectual capacity for understanding the way businesses work and succeed, Pivot boasts at least 20 plus years of experience, per consultant, in actually running businesses at the start up, institutional and Fortune 100 level.

This hands-on experience coupled with intellectual property allows for proven, practical yet sophisticated approaches to solving company challenges. Pivot Global Consultants empathize with Leaders of organizations because they’ve been responsible for the same or similar scope and can support businesses during times of stress. Pivot Global is led by Cynthia Hardy Young, a former C-level attorney with significant P&L responsibility that produced high performing output for operational excellence and client success. Cynthia requires her consultants to possess that same level of proven experience.

In addition, the reputation of Pivot Global Partners, Cynthia, and Pivot consultants are of high integrity in their former careers. That experience and track record of historical success facilitates a nationwide, high caliber network of industry leaders and influencers that can be accessed and leveraged for the benefit of Pivot Global clients. Further, to augment the “high touch” approach that the company deploys, Pivot possesses proprietary, “high tech” tools for superior diagnostics in finding, analyzing and creating solutions for business opportunities and challenges.

By blending proven, experienced talent with sophisticated tools, Pivot Global clients experience an agile, nimble process for transforming their business. The priority is on organizational and individual talent because businesses are run by people (employees) for people (customers). By incorporating agile processes into team oriented task forces and supported by automated analytical tools, Pivot Global clients experience the rewards of business while simultaneously mitigating risks and keeping emotional engagement high. That experience, commitment and passion sets Pivot Global as a unique leader in the consulting arena.