Cynthia Hardy Young on understanding your niche, knowing your customers and investing in your talent


Our CEO & Founder, Cynthia Hardy Young, appeared this week on C-Suite Radio, discussing why she started Pivot Global Partners and how she believes Pivot Global Partners can help businesses like yours thrive.

In the Red Zone Marketing podcast, which is available to listen to now, Cynthia talks about reshaping organizations, the importance of creating and developing a company culture, and tightly connecting your business solutions to what customers need.

Download the wide-ranging podcast.  You’ll gain valuable insights on building a culture focused on innovation and learn about Pivot Global’s approach to improving your business,

“This podcast discussion should be valuable to leaders and decision makers.  Listeners will hear about the importance of leadership, culture and innovation. I draw on my experience in global and domestic roles to illustrate what organizations need to turn challenges into opportunity.”

Be sure to check back here - at - in the coming weeks for more on customer focus, agility, talent, including diversity, and leadership.  Cynthia will expand on these ideas, which she first discussed with Maribeth Kuzmeski in this podcast.

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