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You decide the staging and combination of solutions. 

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Design Thinking + Agility

Design Agility Process

Using our proprietary methodology, Design Agility, Pivot Global moves clients through root cause diagnostics, solutions, rounds of experimentation, implementation, performance measurement and impact assessment, yielding sustainable change.  

Our approach combines two well-established business disciplines -- Design Thinking and Agile Development.  Blending the best of each, at the outset of an initiative or mid-stream, we uniquely develop solutions that lead to better performance.

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Design Agility Delivered

We are operators and innovators.  We help organizations “pivot” and improve results.  We apply a wide array of skills, 600+ years of proven experience and data-driven insights to collaborate with clients on their unique solutions. 

We deliver Design Agility in four ways to improve clients’ operational efficiency and ROI:

  • Strategy build or refresh
  • Assessment of capabilities and gaps
  • Immersive sessions to build leadership team skills or solve actual team challenges
  • Consulting engagements working with clients over time to reposition and improve performance


Our Deliverables

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